About Us

Welcome to the Charity Helpers Foundation “About Us” section.

— Start —

Our EIN is: 873593600

We are operating as a 501(c)3 and as such your donations can be used for a tax deduction.

HCTERS – FEI: 3026792122

— About —

This organization raises funds and distributes those funds in the form of Grants to other Charities.

When we make Grants, we are able to put stipulations on how those grants are used.

When we make these stipulations, we are confident that these funds go directly towards the receiving charities missions and are not spent wastefully.

Don’t get us wrong, there are many good charities out there that are awesome at putting work towards their mission, but many recycle a large portion of those funds back into fundraising and it can become a bit inefficient.

— Donations —

As mentioned above, your donation is Tax Deductible.
We only use the “Paypal Payment Gateway” to connect funds.
Paypal offers a very secure processing portal that we trust, and their customer service is acceptable.
You don’t need to have a Paypal account to make a donation, Paypal can also work with most payment cards.

Our “Donation Form” has the ability where the potential donor can edit the price to reflect how much they would like to donate.

When you make a Donation of any amount, you will be E-mailed a receipt and later a “Donation Acknowledgment Letter”.

 Note: Your Donation is Tax Deductible, but Non-Refundable.

— How Category Donations Work —

Funds collected through “Category Campaigns” are split where 76% of the grantable funds will go towards the projected related towards that category.
The additional 24% of those funds go into the “General Grants” collection.
All of the funds that are set to be used for charitable actions will always go to a good cause.
Also, funds from the “General Grant” collection may be used towards actions related towards causes listed in the “Category Campaigns”.