News and Updates

Coming Soon – Donation Categories:
We are hoping that sometime in November 2022 that we can finish an upgrade for this site that will allow us to accept donations for “Donation Categories”. It has been recommended that we not only have the “General Donations” method that we currently have but that we also set up specialized donations for specific types of categories ranging from: Food, Clothing, Educational, Reproductive Services, Other Medical Services (Cancers, etc.), Environmental, Small Business, things like that. This way donors can choose to either donate using the “General Donations” method and allow us to find a good use for their funds, or donate to something more specific and we will attempt to locate places to apply those grants to have as much impact as we can with those grant funds.  Until the update happens some of our affiliates have been assigned special codes which internally indicate to us which categories the incoming donations will be used for. If an affiliate tells you that your donation is used for a specific project, but you only see our “General Donation” method, you can be sure that we are tracking what donation category it is for by use of the affiliate code you are being told to use. Hopefully sometime in November the upgrade will be applied and we can have separate pages for specific donation types.

Food Distribution:
We are working with the charity known as “El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank” to help restore food distribution to the Dell City, TX. area.
There will be more details available when we are ready to get it started again.